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Do you remember when your unit was under fire?  You were scared.  You didn't know whether you would ever get home again, see your family, your loved ones.  And the only thing that you could count on in that instant was your buddy.  And you know he was counting on you too.

 Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who never saw combat.  Do you remember the tediousness of garrison life?  Do you remember the interminable hurry up and wait?  Do you remember the inane make-work projects you were ordered to do?  But your buddy was always there along side you, making the wise-crack, helping you make it through each day.  maybe even covering for you on occasion.

                                 Your Buddy still needs you!!!

 Maybe your buddy is in one of the VA hospitals; his war wounds and/or time have taken its toll on his body.  Maybe he or she is a young veteran, just discharged from service in the Gulf War or Bosnia and is having difficulty finding a civilian job.  Maybe your buddy is just an ordinary guy or gal like yourself, wanting to share stories and comradeship with someone who was in a similar situation.





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